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The Full Force Podcast - Comics Burst (11/4/2018)


Hello and welcome to another Comics Burst from The Full Force Podcast, sponsored by Distant Planet Comics and Collectibles, where we take an in-depth look at the newest #GIJoe comics and related titles of the week. Joining Christopher McLeod aka Diagnostik80 to discuss ROM/Micronauts #4 and the IDW Publishing Anniversary Edition rerelease of Marvel G.I. Joe #1 is the luckiest of all the charmers, Brian ‘I will cut you if you make one more potato joke’ Hickey!! We also take a look at some awesome upcoming reveals from IDW editor Tom Waltz, including THAT Ace cover!! So let’s get into our first comic for this week, oh and I should say, SPOILERS AHEAD....

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Go see it here: The Full Force Podcast - Comics Burst (11/4/2018)

Thu, 12th Apr 2018