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Quantum Suits Marvel Legends

Quantum Suit Avengers! Here's a pretty niche custom. I fell in love with the quantum suits from Avengers: Endgame, but I especially like the uniformity it gave the Marvel Legends figures. But the figures are based on unfinalized concept art! Given that Hasbro did not put out a complementary War Machine figure in the 6" scale in the quantum suit, I had to make one myself. The fully painted head is from an ebay seller, body is from a Figuarts War Machine Mark VI, and the paint and decal by yours truly. The full team took about a year to realize. Added in unmasked heads where needed, in the newer lifelike painting style from Hasbro. Tony Stark and James Rhodes heads from ebay, as Hasbro hasn't made these yet. Thor, Hulk, and Rocket use the Avengers: Endgame toyline bodies as they're better suited for the physique. Thor even has a little paunch going if you know to look for it!

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Wed 20th May 2020

Wed 20th May 2020